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Practice Philosophy:

My practice is about creating a quiet and uplifting space where every client can feel at peace the moment they step through the door. A place where they feel like family and can find relaxation and relief from the pains of life. I have had my own practice for five years but I have been doing massage for going on 9 years. 

What got me interested in massage therapy? Its a pretty cool story actually. Twice when I was 15 I was lucky enough to get massages. The first was after a very long cold that to me seemed never ending, I was so sore and miserable after being sick for weeks that my amazing mom scheduled me a massage to help me be in less pain. The second massage was to relieve the pain and sore muscles due to me falling off the diving block one day at swim team practice. All it took was one massage and I was hooked for life!! I knew I wanted to go to massage school and help people like my therapist had helped me. I didn't end up going to massage school until I was 20 but I absolutely love being able to help people feel more relaxed and take away some of the pain that they deal with in their daily lives.

About me: I have a Boston Terrier named Sophie and two Sphynx cats ( that means they are hairless) that fill my life with all kinds of silly pet adventures. I also love to paint with watercolors which I have been doing for 15+ years. I would say that my passions in life are spending time with my family, painting, and wrangling my crazy pets.

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